Kingdom Culture

Kingdom Culture

MAN-Kind was Created to Influence & Rule our Domain with the Nature of GOD; as Children of GOD... in order that we might Reveal His Glory within the Earth.

EVERYONE desiring to Follow to Christ - Aligns themselves with their Newly Discovered IDENTITY- Consciously Abandoning their former ways of life - so that their NEW LIFE can begin.

JESUS overcame Death from SIN to Establish an Eternal LIFE based on FRUIT  -> Produced from a Relationship with GOD through Him.

NOW - in the Lord’s Physical Absence - He has committed to US [His Disciples] this message of Reconciliation. Therefore, WE are Ambassadors for Christ, as though GOD were making His appeal through US

(2 Corinthians 5:17-20)


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“I’m not talking about Religion, I’m talking about a Relationship with the Living GOD - They’re SO different…. We don’t need more Religion, we need more JESUS” -Kathie Lee Gifford

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PRAYER doesn't change GOD - PRAYER changes YOU !

"On Earth as it is in Heaven" can only be accomplished by Receiving Instructions FROM Heaven and performing them here within the Earth.  Hearing and Following the VOICE of GOD while we're Alive - Ensures us that we will be WITH HIM, where HE IS, when we Die.

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It's Not by POWER nor by MIGHT
but by MY SPIRIT says -> THE LORD

Everyone has Gifts and Talents.
Everyone was Born to Produce Life.

He is not teaching them how to Fight,
He is teaching them how to Control Evil;
By 1st teaching them Self-Control.