The Old Testament – GOD’s Redemptive Plan Begins

The Old Testament – GOD’s Redemptive Plan Begins

Internally Disconnected - Externally Directed

Shortly after Mankind was “Planted” into Creation - The Law of Sin and Death Terminated Mankind's internal connection TO God, but not our relationship WITH God.       In Genesis 3:15   God foretells of His Redemptive Plan for Mankind:

"I will cause hostility between you [Satan] and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He [JESUS] will strike your head [Authority] and you shall bruise him on the heel [while being trampled under His Feet]." 

From Adam to John the Baptist - God foretells of how HE is going to restore Mankind’s Spiritual Connection by sending a Redeemer. Meanwhile, Being Spiritually Disconnected [Veiled] God proceeded to Instruct Mankind Externally by providing written codes and ordinances. These Laws governed God’s People in a Time Period we now call:              The Old Testament

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OT - God's Redemptive Plan Begins