Relationship > Religion

Relationship > Religion

I’m not talking about Religion, I’m talking about a Relationship with the Living GOD They’re SO different…. We don’t need more Religion, We need more JESUSKathie Lee Gifford


WHAT is Kathie Lee Talking about?

“Christianity” and any other Religion will always be a Reflection of the People identifying with them – whether they preserve Core Fundamentals or Not. This is why so many shocking variations exist within every major Religion – Even within “Christianity”.

True Followers of Christ have always been governed by what’s Right in GOD’s Eyes – and not – by what’s merely permissible or acceptable in the Sight of Friends, Family, and an Ever Changing Society or “Religion”.

Be encouraged that GOD didn’t send JESUS to establish something corruptible like a “Religion”. Instead, GOD, The Father, sent His son Jesus to Restore what was Lost by Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden: our Internal Connection to The Spirit Realm of GOD.

IF a person aligns themselves to the pattern GOD created for us in Christ JESUS – He will make Himself known – Within the Mind and in the Heart of that person. This is the ONLY Testimony and Truth that can bring Real Light, Life, Peace, and Clarity to Every Person who accepts it.

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