SIN: Entered the World [Mind]

SIN: Entered the World [Mind]

In Creation: The Origin of Mankind  we learned that GOD established Mankind on the Earth.  Mankind was to Operate in the Physical Realm while being Led by GOD from the Spiritual Realm.

Sin - Entered into the World   when Adam and Eve knowingly disobeyed GOD's expressed WILL -  This disorderly activity (SIN) disconnected them from their source of  Life - who is GOD.

The Law of Sin and Death:    Was instituted in order to maintain Peace in the Spirit Realm called “Heaven”. This Law separates Darkness from the Light: forever maintaining spiritual boundaries.   In the days of Adam, there was no provision to extend Grace for the penalty of Sin.

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SIN - Entered the World

The "Good News" is:   4000 years later, JESUS came to bring us an Understanding and to Restore The Kingdom of GOD within the Hearts of Mankind.  We now have the privilege and the responsibility to walk in the Newness of Life according to GOD - in the Spirit.

"Adam's Sin caused death to rule over many...But Even Greater is God's wonderful Grace and His Gift of Righteousness.  Those who Take Possession of it will live Triumphantly over "sin and death" through this (1) One man, Jesus Christ.    (Romans 5:17)